I have this fantastic idea, come help me do this

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The likelihood that something like that is going to happen is probably lower than you saying, “I want to do some research, what can I do?” Also, know that research doesn’t happen overnight. It can take a few years to be completed, which is super important.


There were no job vacancies at that time so I emailed them directly

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Guess what, I secured one! Dream internship alert! That was my first experience in communications – editorial, covering events, social media management, I even published my first few articles there!


Now that you’ve made it past college applications, you might be wondering about what you want to study or do with the rest of your life

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With my degree out of the way, I realized that I still had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do post grad. I now had a major and a minor that were both extremely broad and allowed for specialization in many different subfields. I started applying for internships for the summer of my sophomore year without a strong sense of direction. I literally typed the words “business internships” into the Google search bar and hoped for the best. I also took some time to visit the UCLA Career Center, and the people there pointed me in the right direction of where to even look for internships and what I could expect. Through my search, I narrowed down what I wanted to do that summer to a Customer Success internship. After a long interview process, I was able to have a virtual experience doing just that at a startup based in San Francisco. Having that hands-on involvement was extremely helpful in understanding more of what I wanted and did not want to do. When it came to applying for internships junior year, I leaned away from Customer Success and instead looked for Operations internships, as I had enjoyed that part of my summer experience. I was able to land an internship at a larger company for this summer in Program Management, and I am very much looking forward to that opportunity.


We talked about the process of a placement and how it worked, which made me realise it was definitely something I wanted to do

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Dave helped me with my applications and as I started to hear back from companies, he’d help me prepare for all of the different tests and interviews I received.


What I have learnt from my part time job and internship is not to be hesitant in approaching someone and showing what skills and value you have

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With a lot of apprehensions in my mind, I set out on my journey to commencing my master’s amidst the Pandemic on 31st August 2020. I had never lived away from my family, so I was very anxious about managing life on my own in a new country, miles away from home.


I want to continue to challenging myself

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While its the instant gratification work that feels the best (like pulling weeds), I learned that the tedious stuff, the work that feels futile and unnecessary, is actually the work with the most payoff. Seeing those overgrown trails at the beginning of the internship compared to how they are now is honestly so fulfilling. I also saw that even though I didn’t want to work in the parking lot gardens, it was the work I was most satisfied with. I know from this semester’s experience that I need to put aside what I think I want to do and try doing what I don’t like.


Studying abroad made me realize how much happiness can be found by seeing a new place and meeting new people

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I will make sure to give cues in both languages so that students can recognize keywords. I will stay informed on education policy and advocate for future changes that support bilingualism, rather than reverse the advances our schools have made. I have seen how advanced Spain is in bilingualism, and I want the same for my classroom.